Please note that it is not a whole dissertation chapter, don’t do introduction and conclusion. I uploaded some papers, but please do additional search as needed to develop a meaningful text. On the more descriiptive part, you can use FAO, WFP and IFAD reports. For the analytical, the papers attached and others you may find. Potential structure and topics to cover:
– Evolution of food security situation in Madagascar (taking into account regional/geographical differences), including at the end an overview (brief) of recent and ongoing food crisis, which is particularly hitting the South (250 words)
– Causes of Madagascar’s chronical food insecurity and undernourishment (including environmental and climate-related, geographical inequalities and poverty, food prices and global markets, etc.) (300 words)
– Poverty, agriculture and food security (including links of food security with agricultural productivity/development, poverty, seasonality and trade – promotion of export-oriented industries) (450 words)